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I've had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid 8 times and in planning all 8 hen's parties over the years, I constantly struggled to find party supplies that catered for the sophisticated bride. I found a lot of my friends were getting married in their late 20's - early 30's so the traditional 'risqué, pink, fluffy' items weren't really their thing, but hen's supplies were the same everywhere I went. 

Working full time in the corporate world for 10 years meant that the only time I had for shopping was on weekends, or I would have to order bits and pieces from different websites. With the time I spent googling the items I was after, scrolling through pages of products, not to mention being distracted by items I liked (that weren't what I was actually shopping for! Haha), I wasted, realistically, weeks. With my full time job being so time demanding, plus the extra time dedicated to the bride (that comes as a duty in being a bridesmaid), and then having to plan the whole hen's party.... There had to be an easier way. 

I decided to make my own products. Being a graphic designer for 14 years and having a creative flair, I designed everything from chocolate wrappers and tea packets, to game packs and invitations. Anything I could do to create an elegant experience. 

It was from organising these hens parties for my friends that the idea to have elegant products available all in the one place and on one simple site came about. I loved creating special events for my friends and was always complimented on the extra little touches I put in, which is why I decided to start a business doing what I love. 

My vision is to enhance human kindness through the joy of giving, and my mission is to inspire elegance.

I hope you like what I have put together for you; taking the worry out of creating something beautiful for the bride to be. 

A special thanks to Karla at Qualis Photography for the beautiful photography and to the lovely brides who have asked me to stand beside them, you gave me the inspiration to make this possible.

Alicia x

 Alicia Berries and Blush Australia   



I love dealing with Berries and Blush, they have really beautiful and sophisticated alternatives that are just perfect for classy brides! And Alicia is just so kind and helpful. Xxx

Berries and Blush have such a beautiful range of high end and sophisticated products. It's such a wonderful concept too smile emoticon