“I’m planning a hen’s party for my beautiful friend but I just don’t want it to be tacky."

I had this thought myself a number of times, as well as hearing it from fellow bridesmaids and friends.. Sometimes even the guests would opt not to come simply because of the stigma attached to the usual shenanigans encouraged at these events. Most of the items available for hens parties are also very risqué so it’s no wonder that the attendance is decreasing, and that the bride to be’s may simply choose to opt for a trip to the day spa instead. 

The world class famous straws that we supposedly love seem to be the ESSENTIAL item for the traditional event… you know the ones? Paired with a glass of champagne, I’m a tad baffled on how these two opposites coincide.  And if that’s not all, going to nightclubs whilst wearing pink, flashing L plates or "diamond" studded handcuffs to draw even more attention? Is this an episode of girls gone wild that I wasn't informed about or am I celebrating my best friend getting married? 

I love shoes, can I have a straw shaped like a Louboutin please? Or lets at least try something a tad classier than what has been provided at hens nights in the past. 

It’s time to step up the class ladies. Let’s embrace our inner style, beauty and elegance when it comes to planning the event for the bride to be.



November 25, 2015 — Alicia Blazak
Tags: News